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Are there environmentally friendly ink options for flyer printing?

Yes, there are several environmentally friendly ink options available for flyer printing, reflecting the growing demand for sustainable printing practices. At Print Harbour, we are committed to offering eco-friendly solutions that align with our clients’ values and environmental concerns. Here’s a look at some of the green ink options we provide: 

Vegetable-Based Inks

Vegetable-based inks, primarily made from soy or other vegetable oils, are a popular eco-friendly choice. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them less harmful to the environment compared to traditional petroleum-based inks. Additionally, they offer excellent print quality with vibrant colours and are easier to de-ink during the recycling process.

Water-Based Inks

Water-based inks are another environmentally friendly option, especially beneficial in reducing air pollution. They emit very few VOCs and are non-toxic, making them a safer choice for both the environment and the people handling them. These inks are suitable for various types of paper and offer high-quality printing results.

UV-Curable Inks

UV-curable inks are hardened by exposure to ultraviolet light, rather than drying through evaporation. This process results in almost zero emission of VOCs. UV-curable inks are not only environmentally friendly but also provide durability, resistance to fading, and vibrant colour quality.

Latex Inks

Latex inks are water-based and contain no harmful solvents, making them an eco-friendly alternative. They produce odourless prints, ideal for indoor environments, and offer high-quality, durable print results suitable for a wide range of applications.

Recycled and Sustainable Paper Options

In addition to using eco-friendly inks, pairing them with recycled or sustainable paper stocks maximises the environmental benefits of your flyers. We offer a variety of recycled and FSC-certified papers to complement our green printing inks.

At Print Harbour, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainable printing practices. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly ink options for your flyer printing, contact us. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the right ink and paper combination to meet your sustainability goals without compromising on quality.