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Can I print on both sides of a flyer?

Printing on both sides of a flyer is not only possible but also a smart way to maximize your message’s impact. At Print Harbour, we frequently recommend double-sided printing to our clients for various reasons. Here’s why and how you can effectively utilise both sides of your flyer: 

Maximising Space

Double-sided printing allows you to maximise the available space. This is especially useful when you have a lot of information to convey or want to include additional images, maps, or contact details.

Engaging Design

You can create a more engaging design by spreading content across both sides. For instance, you might put an eye-catching graphic or headline on the front and detailed information or a special offer on the back.


While double-sided printing might be slightly more expensive than single-sided, it’s more cost-effective than printing two separate flyers. This approach gives you twice the space for a fraction of the cost.

Environmental Considerations

Using both sides of the paper is environmentally friendly as it reduces paper usage. This can be an important consideration for businesses that are mindful of their environmental impact.

Strategic Planning

When planning a double-sided flyer, it’s important to consider the flow of information. The front should grab attention and the back should provide more detailed content. Ensure that the design on each side complements the other.

Quality Paper Selection

Choose a paper stock that is thick enough to prevent see-through from one side to the other. A heavier paper stock ensures that your flyer feels high-quality and holds up well in hand.

At Print Harbour, we are committed to offering versatile printing solutions tailored to your needs. Double-sided flyers are just one of the many options we provide to help communicate your message effectively. Contact us to discuss how we can make your flyer project a success, utilising both sides of the paper to their fullest potential.