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How do I choose the right paper stock for my invitations?

Selecting the perfect paper stock for your invitations is a crucial element in setting the tone for your event. At Print Harbour, we understand the importance of this choice and are dedicated to helping you find the ideal paper to make your invitations truly special. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right paper stock: 

Consider the Event Type

The nature of your event should influence your paper choice. Elegant, formal events like weddings or galas may call for high-quality, heavy card stock, while casual gatherings or birthday parties might suit lighter, more playful paper.

Texture Matters

Paper texture adds a tactile dimension to your invitations. Smooth, matte finishes convey modern sophistication, while textured papers like linen or felt are more traditional and elegant.

Weight and Thickness

The weight of the paper contributes to the overall feel of the invitation. Heavier paper stocks feel more luxurious and are a good choice for formal events, whereas lighter weights are more cost-effective and practical for less formal occasions.

Finish and Colour

Choose a finish that complements your design. Glossy finishes work well for photo-heavy designs, while a matte finish is better for invitations with more text. The colour of the paper can also impact your design, with options ranging from classic white and cream to bold and unconventional colours.

Eco-Friendly Options

For environmentally conscious choices, consider recycled paper or paper certified by environmental organisations. These options are not only sustainable but also offer a unique, organic feel.

Printing Method Compatibility

Ensure the paper is compatible with your printing method. Some printing techniques, like letterpress or foil stamping, require thicker or specific types of paper.

At Print Harbour, we offer a wide range of paper stocks to suit every style and occasion. Our team is here to provide expert advice and ensure that your invitations not only look beautiful but feel right in the hands of your guests. Contact us to explore our selection and find the perfect paper stock for your invitations.