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How do I design a flyer that stands out online and in print?

In the competitive realm of advertising, designing a flyer that captures attention both online and in print is crucial. At Print Harbour, we specialise in creating visually compelling and effective flyers for all mediums. Here are essential tips to ensure your flyer stands out: 

Striking Visuals

Use high-quality, eye-catching images or graphics that align with your message. For print, ensure the resolution is high enough to avoid pixelation. For online display, consider the format and size that best suits various digital platforms.

Consistent Branding

Your flyer should reflect your brand’s identity. Consistent use of your brand colours, logo, and typeface helps in building recognition and trust, whether viewed online or held in hand.

Engaging Headline

Craft a headline that is succinct, impactful, and directly addresses the needs or interests of your target audience. An engaging headline ensures that viewers are compelled to read further, irrespective of the medium.

Readable and Concise Content

Whether online or in print, your content must be easy to read and to the point. Use bullet points or short paragraphs. The font size and type should be legible, and the colour contrast should facilitate easy reading.

Effective Use of Space

A cluttered flyer can be overwhelming. Use white space effectively to create a layout that guides the viewer’s eye through the flyer in a logical manner. Balance is key in both digital and print formats.

Call to Action

Your flyer should have a clear and compelling call to action (CTA). Whether it’s to attend an event, visit a website, or make a purchase, the CTA should be prominent and persuasive in both online and print versions.

At Print Harbour, we pride ourselves on designing and producing flyers that make a lasting impression, no matter the medium. Our expertise ensures that your message is communicated effectively, engaging your audience both digitally and physically. Contact us to create a flyer that truly stands out in the crowded advertising space.