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How do I protect my business cards from wear and tear?

Protecting your business cards from wear and tear is important to maintain their professional appearance over time. At Print Harbour, we understand the need for durability in business card design and offer various options to enhance their longevity. Here are some effective ways to protect your business cards: 

Quality Paper Stock

Choose a high-quality, thicker paper stock for your business cards. Heavier card stocks are more durable and less prone to bending and creasing. Options like 350-400 gsm paper are ideal.


Lamination adds a protective layer to your business cards, making them more resistant to water, dirt, and wear. Matte or glossy lamination not only protects but also adds a different finish to the card’s appearance.

UV Coating

UV coating provides a protective layer that is more durable than standard finishes. It adds a high-gloss sheen, enhances colour vibrancy, and offers additional protection against scratches and fading.

Use Protective Cases

Storing your business cards in a protective case can significantly reduce wear and tear. A good quality business card holder keeps your cards clean, flat, and professional-looking.

Choose Rounded Corners

Business cards with rounded corners are less likely to get bent or dog-eared than standard square corners. This simple alteration can significantly increase the lifespan of your cards.

Opt for Plastic Cards

If durability is a key concern, consider using plastic business cards. These are much more resilient than traditional paper cards and can withstand a lot of handling without damage.

Consider Embossing or Debossing

Embossed or debossed elements on a business card can add durability. These techniques create raised or indented areas that can withstand wear better than flat, printed surfaces.

Regular Updates

Regularly updating and reprinting your business cards can also be a form of protection. This ensures that your cards are always in top condition, with current information.

At Print Harbour, we’re committed to providing you with business cards that not only look impressive but are also built to last. Our variety of materials and finishes ensures that your business cards can withstand regular handling while maintaining their professional appearance. Contact us to discuss how we can create durable, high-quality business cards tailored to your needs.