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What are creative ways to display contact information on business cards?

In the world of business networking, a business card is a crucial tool. How you display your contact information can make your card stand out and leave a lasting impression. At Print Harbour, we specialise in crafting business cards that are not just informative but also creatively engaging. Here are some creative ways to display contact information on your business cards: 


Instead of using traditional text labels, use icons to represent different types of contact information. For example, a phone icon for your phone number or an envelope for your email address. This approach adds a modern, minimalist flair to your card.

QR Codes

Incorporate a QR code that, when scanned, directs people to your digital contact page, LinkedIn profile, or digital portfolio. This not only saves space but also integrates modern technology into your networking.

Diagonal or Vertical Text

Break away from the traditional horizontal layout by placing your contact details diagonally or vertically. This can make your card more visually interesting and memorable.

Interactive Elements

Add a playful, interactive element to your card, such as a fold-out section or a removable part that reveals your contact information. This not only makes your card stand out but also engages the recipient on a physical level.

Creative Typography

Use creative and varied typography to display your contact details. Different font styles or sizes can add visual interest and hierarchy to the information on your card.

Utilising the Back of the Card

Utilise the back of the card for contact information. This leaves the front uncluttered for your name or logo, and the back becomes a dedicated space for all your contact details.

Embossing or Foil Stamping

For a touch of luxury, consider embossing or foil stamping your contact details. This adds a tactile element to your card and makes the information literally stand out.

At Print Harbour, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design to create business cards that are not only a means of sharing contact information but also a reflection of your unique brand identity. Contact us to explore these creative options and more, and let’s design a business card that truly represents you.