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What are creative ways to include RSVPs with invitations?

At Print Harbour, we recognise that RSVPs are a crucial aspect of event planning, ensuring you have an accurate headcount for your special occasion. But why settle for the ordinary when you can make your RSVPs as unique and memorable as the event itself? Here are some creative ways to include RSVPs with your invitations: 

Interactive RSVP Cards

Add a twist to traditional RSVP cards by making them interactive. Consider using tear-off postcards, where guests can tear along a perforated line and send them back. Not only is this engaging, but it also simplifies the process for your guests.

Online RSVP Options

In the digital age, online RSVPs are not only convenient but can also be creative. Include a QR code on your invitation that leads to a personalised webpage where guests can confirm their attendance, choose meal preferences, or even request a song!

Puzzle Pieces

Send a puzzle piece with each invitation and ask guests to bring their piece to the event. This can serve as a fun icebreaker as guests try to fit their pieces together at the event, or it can form a memorable keepsake when pieced together.

RSVP with a Twist

Encourage guests to reply in unique ways, such as writing a short poem, a funny anecdote, or drawing a picture. This not only makes the RSVP process more enjoyable but also gives you a collection of memories from your loved ones.

Themed Response Cards

Match your RSVP cards with the theme of your event. For a garden party, consider seed paper that guests can plant after sending their response. For a beach wedding, use miniature message-in-a-bottle RSVPs.

RSVP Stickers

Include a sheet of response stickers with different reply options. Guests can then simply stick their choice onto the RSVP card. This method is particularly appealing for children’s events or casual gatherings.

At Print Harbour, we are passionate about bringing innovation and personalisation to your event invitations and RSVPs. We offer a wide range of creative solutions and are dedicated to helping you make a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us to explore the endless possibilities and let us help you create RSVPs that truly stand out.