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What are some effective ways to use QR codes on flyers?

Incorporating QR codes into flyer designs has become a popular and effective way to bridge the gap between print and digital media. At Print Harbour, we understand the value of integrating modern technology into traditional marketing methods. Here are some effective ways to use QR codes on flyers: 

Direct Link to Your Website or Portfolio

A QR code can be a direct gateway to your website or online portfolio. This is particularly useful for providing more in-depth information that cannot be fully conveyed through the flyer itself.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Use QR codes to give access to special offers or discounts. This not only incentivises engagement but also allows you to track the effectiveness of your flyers in promoting deals.

Event Registration or RSVP

For event flyers, a QR code can simplify the registration or RSVP process. Scanning the code can lead the recipient directly to a registration form, making it convenient and increasing response rates.

Interactive Content

QR codes can link to interactive content like videos, product demos, or virtual tours. This multimedia approach can enhance the engagement and appeal of your flyer.

Social Media Integration

Linking a QR code to your social media profiles can increase your online presence and follower count. It’s an easy way for people to connect with your brand digitally.

Feedback and Surveys

Gathering feedback is crucial for any business. QR codes can lead to quick surveys or feedback forms, encouraging recipients to share their opinions easily.

At Print Harbour, we are keen on utilising the latest technological advancements to enhance traditional marketing tools like flyers. Incorporating QR codes into your flyers not only makes them more interactive but also provides valuable metrics for your marketing campaigns. Contact us to explore how QR codes can elevate your next flyer campaign.