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What are some unconventional invitation formats?

In the realm of invitations, stepping away from traditional formats can make your event stand out and create a memorable impression. At Print Harbour, we love exploring creative and unconventional invitation formats that capture attention and excite your guests. Here are some innovative ideas to consider for your next event: 

Scroll Invitations

Scroll invitations bring a touch of historical elegance and novelty. Rolled up and bound with a ribbon or seal, they can create a sense of anticipation and grandeur, perfect for gala events, weddings, or themed parties.

Puzzle Invitations

Transform your invitation into a puzzle. This interactive format not only engages recipients but also adds an element of fun. It’s especially suitable for casual events or parties and ensures your invitation stands out.

Origami Invitations

Incorporate the art of origami into your invitations. An origami invitation, which unfolds in an intricate manner, can be both a delightful surprise and a keepsake. This format is ideal for creative or artistic events.

Edible Invitations

For a truly unique approach, consider edible invitations. Printed on edible paper or as part of a small treat like a cookie, these invitations are sure to delight and surprise your guests.

3D Pop-Up Invitations

3D pop-up invitations add a dimension of depth and creativity. When opened, these invitations reveal a pop-up element, such as a scene or a symbolic object related to the event.

Recordable Audio or Video Invitations

Embrace technology with audio or video invitations. Record a personal message or create a short video that plays when the invitation is opened, offering a modern and highly personalised touch.

At Print Harbour, we’re excited to help you break the mould with unconventional invitation formats. Our team is ready to explore these unique ideas with you, ensuring your invitations are not just informative, but also unforgettable. Contact us to discuss how we can turn your creative vision into a stunning reality, setting the tone for your special event in a way that’s as unique as you are.