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What are the etiquette guidelines for addressing wedding invitations?

Crafting and sending wedding invitations is an art filled with tradition and etiquette. At Print Harbour, we understand the importance of addressing your invitations correctly, as it sets the tone for your special day. Here are some key etiquette guidelines to consider when addressing wedding invitations: 

Formal Titles and Names

Use formal titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) and full names when addressing invitations. This shows respect and formality, appropriate for such a significant occasion. If you are aware of a guest’s preferred title or name, use that to add a personal touch.


For married couples, it’s traditional to use “Mr. and Mrs. [Husband’s Full Name]”. For unmarried couples living together or married couples where the wife kept her maiden name, list both names, either on the same line or two separate lines.

Families with Children

When inviting a whole family, the parents’ names are listed on the first line, followed by “and Family” or listing the children’s first names on the next line, depending on the formality of the event and the size of the card.

Guests with Special Titles

For guests with titles (like doctors, judges, military personnel), use their professional title. For example, “Dr. [Full Name] and Mr. [Full Name]” or “Captain [Full Name] and Mrs. [Full Name]”.

Inner and Outer Envelopes

If using both an inner and outer envelope, the outer should be more formal, showing the full name and address. The inner can be more informal, mentioning only the names of the invitees.

Single Guests and Plus-Ones

For single guests, address them individually. If you’re allowing a plus-one, include “and Guest” after their name. If you know the name of the guest, it’s courteous to include it.

At Print Harbour, we’re committed to helping you navigate the nuances of wedding invitation etiquette. Our team is here to assist with every detail, ensuring your invitations are not only elegant but also appropriately addressed. Contact us for expert advice and to explore our exquisite range of wedding stationery.