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What are the most effective flyer sizes for mail distribution?

In the dynamic world of marketing, flyers remain a powerful tool, especially when distributed through mail. At Print Harbour, we understand the importance of choosing the right size for maximum impact and postal efficiency. Here are some insights into the most effective flyer sizes for mail distribution: 

A6 Flyers (105mm x 148mm)

A6 flyers are compact and cost-effective, making them ideal for high-volume mail-outs. Their size is similar to a postcard, which means they’re large enough to be noticeable but small enough to be convenient for recipients to keep.

DL Flyers (99mm x 210mm)

The DL size is slender and tall, offering a distinctive look that stands out among other mail. It’s particularly effective for vouchers, tickets, or event promotions and fits neatly into standard envelopes.

A5 Flyers (148mm x 210mm)

A5 flyers provide a balance between space for content and ease of distribution. They offer ample room for engaging visuals and text, while still being small enough to fit comfortably in most mailboxes and standard envelopes.

Square Flyers (148mm x 148mm)

Square flyers offer a modern and eye-catching alternative. Their unique shape can help your message stand out, making them perfect for creative, contemporary, or luxury marketing campaigns.

A4 Flyers (210mm x 297mm)

For those looking to make a bigger impact, A4 flyers are a great option. They provide plenty of space for detailed information, high-quality images, and can be folded into different styles for a unique presentation.

At Print Harbour, we not only offer a variety of flyer sizes but also provide guidance on the best choices for your specific mailing needs. Whether it’s a large-scale campaign or a targeted promotion, our team is dedicated to ensuring your flyers are both visually appealing and effective in reaching your audience. Contact us to discuss your flyer requirements and let us help you create a powerful mail distribution strategy.