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What is thermography printing, and how is it used?

Thermography printing is a unique printing process that creates a raised, textured effect on printed materials. At Print Harbour, we value the distinct appeal of thermography and its ability to add sophistication to various print projects. Here’s an overview of thermography printing and its uses:

What is Thermography Printing?

Thermography printing involves applying a resin powder to wet ink and then heating it. The heat causes the powder to melt and rise, creating a raised effect on the surface of the paper. This technique is often used to simulate engraved printing but at a lower cost.

Appearance and Texture

The result of thermography printing is a glossy, raised surface that adds texture and visual interest to the print. It’s tactile and can be felt when you run your fingers over the printed area.

Common Uses

Thermography is commonly used for business cards, wedding invitations, letterheads, and greeting cards. It adds an element of luxury and professionalism, making it ideal for formal and high-end printing needs.

Design Considerations

When designing for thermography, it’s important to consider the thickness and detail of the fonts and graphics used. Thin lines and small, detailed text may not work well with this technique as the raised effect can cause them to blur or fill in.

Colour Options

Thermography can be done in a variety of colours, allowing for flexibility in design. However, it’s most effective with darker inks on lighter paper, as this provides the best contrast to highlight the raised effect.


Thermography adds a distinctive and elegant touch to printed materials, making them stand out. It’s more affordable than traditional engraving and offers a similar level of sophistication.


The technique is not suitable for very detailed or small print and is best used for larger, bolder text or design elements. It’s also not ideal for double-sided printing as the heat process can warp the paper.

At Print Harbour, we’re excited to offer thermography printing as one of our many specialised services. This elegant printing technique can elevate the look and feel of your printed materials, making them memorable and impactful. Contact us to discuss how thermography can be used for your next printing project to add that touch of luxury and sophistication.