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What is UV coating, and how does it enhance my print products?

UV coating is a remarkable finishing technique that significantly enhances the quality and durability of printed materials. At Print Harbour, we’re committed to offering our clients the best in printing technology, and UV coating is a prime example of this. 

Understanding UV Coating

UV coating is a process where a liquid coating is applied to the surface of a printed paper and then cured on it using ultraviolet light. This coating can be applied to the whole surface or specific areas to create a contrast of textures. It not only gives your printed products a high-quality gloss or matte finish but also adds a layer of protection.

Enhancing Durability and Appearance

The primary benefit of UV coating is its ability to protect the printed material against wear and tear, such as smudges, scratches, or fading. This makes it ideal for items that are frequently handled, like business cards or menus. Additionally, the vibrancy of colours is significantly enhanced, giving your print products a more professional and polished look.

Environmental Advantages

UV coatings are generally more environmentally friendly compared to other finishes. They are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during curing. This makes UV coating a preferred choice for businesses conscious about their environmental impact.

Applications and Versatility

UV coating can be applied to a wide range of products, including business cards, brochures, flyers, and invitations. Its versatility allows for creative applications, such as spot UV, where the coating is applied to specific areas of the print to create a striking visual contrast.

At Print Harbour, we understand the importance of making your printed materials stand out. UV coating is just one of the many options we offer to enhance the quality of your prints. If you’re interested in giving your print products a professional, durable finish, contact us today. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and help your business shine.